Thank you for thinking of the Delta King as you organize your upcoming fundraising event.

The Delta King is a proud sponsor of numerous charitable and Sacramento community organizations ranging from our support of the many schools of our owner’s and employee’s children to Lion’s Club, the Red Cross, Make-A-Wish, Jericho, Metro Chamber, March of Dimes and many others.

We have more than 15,000 guests stay with us annually and after being in business for over 25 years, it is not surprising that we get about 3 requests a day or over 1000 requests per year, for assistance with an upcoming fundraising event. We enjoy participating in these worthy charitable causes and have a plan to help you.

The Delta King will contribute $25 to your worthwhile charitable event for each $75 gift card purchased by your organization; creating a gift card valued at $100.  The Delta King is willing to contribute up to $50 for your fundraiser with the purchase of a $150 gift card, resulting in a gift card with a $200 value.

Occasionally an organization wants to purchase a package like the Suspect’s Mystery Dinner Overnight Package. If this is the case, we would offer your charitable organization a 25% discount off the full retail package price, including the service charges and taxes.

These gift cards may be used for any goods or services aboard the Delta King and would not expire. The surrender value of the gift card would be the “cash” value of the gift card purchased by your organization before the Delta King’s participation ($75 or $150 in above example).

This program allows the Delta King to contribute up to $35,000 this year for worthwhile charitable events and causes.

This program is administered by the General Manager. If you would like to participate in this program, please send your request and event information to The General Manager will follow up with you directly.

Thank you for your cooperation with these guidelines. We are proud of our support of the community and value the efforts of the many volunteers and organizations that strive to make Sacramento a better place for all.