The Delta King is a proud sponsor of numerous charitable and Sacramento community organizations ranging from our support of the many schools of our owner’s and employee’s children to Lion’s Club, the Red Cross, Make-A-Wish, Jericho, Metro Chamber, March of Dimes and many others.

We receive 10 requests a week, on average, for charitable donations. All requests are from worthwhile organizations with deserving constituencies. Because of the number of requests, the Delta King has established guidelines and procedures for considering and determining additional requests for donations.

  1. The requests must be e-mailed to
  2. The request must be for a charitable, non-profit organization.
  3. The organization should be Sacramento based.
  4. Preference is given to requests from persons that have a pre-existing personal or business relationship with management of the Delta King. If such a relationship exists, it is suggested that you contact that manager to communicate the request on your behalf.
  5. All requests that are granted will receive an e-mail or written response within 2 weeks of the request.
  6. No response will be made to requests that are not granted.

Thank you for your cooperation with these guidelines. We are proud of our support of the community and value the efforts of the many volunteers and organizations that strive to make Sacramento a better place for all.